5 Tips for Finding and Buying Quality Men’s Jewelry

5 Tips for Finding and Buying Quality Men’s Jewelry

Not all jewelry is fine jewelry. Compared to plated or costume jewelry, fine jewelry pieces are high-quality and made from precious metals and gemstones. These pieces can cover a variety of categories, from rings and necklaces to cufflinks and bracelets, each serving different styles and occasions. Here are several tips to guide you toward a satisfactory purchase as you shop for men's jewelry:

How Do You Plan to Wear Your Jewelry?

Define the reason you want to buy a piece of jewelry, such as gifting it for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, or shopping for something to wear to an upcoming event. Jewelry can be worn and styled for casual situations or elegant occasions. You may choose fine jewelry to complement an outfit for an exclusive work event or to have a quality yet subtle item that can be worn every day. Phillip Gavriel’s selection of men's jewelry caters to any of these purposes. Our pieces are designed to be timeless and worn for many years. Try our leather bracelets and woven chains, which are versatile choices for men and can be worn daily as a casual accessory or reserved for a special event, like a night on the town.


Rings and cufflinks are classic options for weddings or anniversary gifts. Start with a simple, minimalist piece if you have never worn jewelry before, or you’re gifting a piece to someone with a style you’re unsure of. Bring your questions to one of our professionals at Phillip Gavriel if you’d like assistance finding a piece that matches your interests and intended purpose.

Select a Piece That Works for Your Unique Style

Jewelry is a great way to showcase a person’s style and personality through accessories, but it's important to know what pieces are the most flattering. The most popular jewelry styles can suit many individuals, but they might not be your first choice. Bold statement pieces are particularly fitting for special occasions like weddings and formal dinners. Simple, classic pieces may be more applicable to daily wear. Luckily, our quality design elements are flexible enough to work in multiple settings. We also only use precious metals in our jewelry, making them super durable to be worn wherever you see fit.

Gemstone bead bracelets are among our new arrivals for men, with a variety of sizes and color options available, like warm-toned tiger's eye and green malachite. Signet rings are a bold choice that looks sophisticated yet modern and are great when stacked with other rings. Chain or dog tag necklaces that hang around the mid-chest can add character to simple jeans and a T-shirt. Another fashion option can include layering cable twist chain necklaces, and combining silver and gold to achieve a trendy mixed-metals look. Stacking leather bracelets is also a popular choice for everyday menswear. Bring out a unique style by combining two or three pieces.

Gifting With Intention

With the many design options available at Phillip Gavriel, giving jewelry as a gift to the men in your life can be a thoughtful idea. Fathers, brothers, friends, or even co-workers may appreciate a jewelry gift just as much as a husband or boyfriend. As you shop, think about what inspires your loved one to guide you to something suitable. Braided or beaded jewelry may work for bohemian, artsy individuals, and gold rings or diamonds may be perfect for a man with expensive taste. Phillip Gavriel offers men's jewelry at multiple price points to suit every gift budget. If you would like help deciding on a gift purchase, begin by browsing our new arrivals. We also have a wide selection dedicated to men, including bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, and rings. Gift cards are available if you want to gift jewelry to someone, but prefer to have them choose the piece.

Pay Attention to Jewelry Materials and Colors


Narrow down your choices by deciding on your desired material, stone, or combination of metals and colors. When shopping on our website, you can filter our collections by the type of metal or gemstone you prefer. Look for color tones that harmonize with or complement your wardrobe. Warm metals such as gold stand out visually against cooler metals like sterling silver. Mixing and matching metal colors can add interest to your overall fashion. Browse our selection of pieces combining sterling silver with 18K yellow gold, or combine individual gold and silver pieces for a versatile collection. Feel free to experiment with different combinations! If you would like help buying pieces that will mix well together, discuss your ideas with one of our professionals.

Ask About Maintenance and Care

Some fine jewelry requires special cleaning and handling to maintain its shine and integrity. When selecting your piece, review the care recommendations to help you get the most out of your purchase. Our jewelry at Phillip Gavriel is handcrafted with high-quality materials and should be cared for according to its specific components. Gold items can be cleaned using a mild dish detergent and warm water, while silver can be polished using a soft polishing cloth.

Explore Men's Jewelry

Our fine jewelry can be a timeless investment for your wardrobe. At Phillip Gavriel, we believe our customers should receive value in their fine jewelry without having to compromise on quality. Our brand strives to make the buying process effortless by offering high-quality jewelry that works for many styles and is appropriate for any setting or event. View our new arrivals and collections today to find a piece that meets your jewelry needs.

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