The Phillip Gavriel brand was created with the goal of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Coming from his family's heritage in the jewelry industry, designer Phillip Gavriel launched the brand in 2010.  Phillip believes in giving customers value in fine jewelry without compromise.

The Phillip Gavriel Difference

Quality Materials

In the tradition of fine jewelry, we use only precious materials in our pieces. Our gold is always 14K or 18K, never plated. Our silver is always 925 Sterling. All gemstones and diamonds are natural and never lab-made.

Inspired Design

Phillip Gavriel's designs are inspired by his experiences and travels across the world. Handcrafted in Italy and across the world, our pieces are classic with a contemporary approach, meant to be worn every day and remain timeless for years.

Affordable Luxury

Our jewelry is thoughtfully priced to cater to a wide audience, with price points starting at $100. We believe luxury is attainable at a fair price, and we encourage our jewelry to be worn every day. Enjoy and wear them in good health!