Sizing Information


Our bracelets are available generally in one size. In some cases, additional sizes will be available. When one size is available, it is made to fit an average wrist size. To find out more about which of our bracelets will fit you, please follow our measuring guidelines below. If you still aren’t sure or are buying this bracelet as a gift, we recommend our cuff-style bracelets, which can adapt better to a variety of sizes and are recommended for larger wrists.

Using a flexible tape measure or strip of paper or string, measure your wrist, just below the wrist bone, or where you would normally wear the bracelet. Once you have your measurement, the best fits are recommended to be .25" to .5" larger than your wrist size. For example, if your wrist measures 7", we recommend a 7.25" to 7.5" sized bracelet.

Bracelet fit is noted in the product description if the piece doesn't fit true to the standard sizing described above.

If there is a bracelet you love that you would like adjusted or made-to-order in your size, send us a request using the button below and we will let you know if we can accommodate you!

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We do not list lengths on our cuff bracelets, as they are measured by their diameter. We make our cuffs and bangles in a standard size which will fit most average wrist sizes.

Because of the nature of the opening in the cuff, they will be more forgiving especially to those with larger wrist sizes.


Our chain link bracelets are usually made in a length that will fit most average wrist sizes. Please note if a bracelet has very large, wide links, the fit of the bracelet will run smaller.

For example: while our Big Bold Link Cable Bracelet is listed as 9.25 inches in length, it will fit a 7.5 inch wrist comfortably.

Our woven chain pieces generally fit true to size unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions about the length you may need, follow the measuring guidelines above to email us and we will do our best to assist you.


Use our chart to the right to see where most necklaces or chains will fall depending on their length.

If you love a piece and need a different length, please submit a request using the button below, and will see if we can accommodate you. This applies to pendants sold on a chain, where you may just need a different length chain.



We craft our rings in what's considered the national average for American women and men. This will be size 7 for women, and a size 10 for men. Some, but not all, rings are available in one size up and one size down.

If you are unsure of your ring size, free ring sizers, or printable ring size PDFs are widely available at various sites.

Some of our rings can be sized up or down, depending on the nature of the band. We may also be able to custom order a size for you, depending on the style and design of the piece. If you'd like to request a ring in a special size, please submit the form below and we will do our best to accommodate you.