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Materials & Jewelry Care

All Phillip Gavriel pieces are handcrafted using only precious metals and natural gemstones and diamonds. Most pieces are handmade in Italy. We believe jewelry is meant to be worn every day and for any occasion, which is why we create pieces with high-quality, durable materials. It is everyday fine jewelry. And we want your pieces to last and be handed down for generations to come. 
For gold items, you can easily wash your pieces with mild dish detergent and warm water. Use a soft brush to gently scrub away dirt. Silver can tarnish, and we recommend you treat your items with care and do not expose them to harsh or extreme heat, cold, humidity, chemicals, or perfumes. You may also clean silver items using mild soap and water or a silver cleanser with a polishing cloth.  
We use only natural gemstones & diamonds, meaning our stones are responsibly sourced and nothing is lab-created. Because of this, there is usually a slight range in the color of our semi-precious and precious gems. Not every piece is identical. Please take note of this when ordering gemstone pieces.
If you are unsure, you can always contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions.