7 Reasons To Purchase Silver Bracelets for Women

7 Reasons To Purchase Silver Bracelets for Women

When choosing the right jewelry for yourself or for someone special, several factors go into deciding what you want. You may be overwhelmed by the choices out there and the various price points. A good place to start is Silver bracelets for women, as they offer various benefits. Phillip Gavriel has many options to choose from, and we will help you find the right piece. 

Why You Should Choose a Silver Bracelet

Silver and gold are great options when picking out jewelry as they are both precious, natural metals. There are several factors to consider when deciding which one you prefer. Here are a few reasons to choose silver bracelets:

1. Versatility

Silver jewelry will go with many different styles and colors of clothing. A silver bracelet can be worn during the day with casual or athletic wear or even dressy. You can wear the bracelet for any occasion, making it the perfect daily choice. We can help you find the right piece that will match your lifestyle or if it's a gift, for that special person. 

2. Durability

While silver is a soft metal, jewelers combine pure silver with other alloys like copper, platinum, and rhodium to make the metal stronger. Sterling silver, the standard in jewelry making, is 92.5% pure silver and is stronger and less prone to scratches or dents than non-precious metal jewelry. Don't be fooled by "silver plated" jewelry, as these usually have a base of brass or some nonprecious metal, which can change color over time. 

3. Timeless

Silver is one of the three precious metals ( including gold and platinum), making it a timeless option that won't go out of style or lose value over time. While clothing and fashion can constantly evolve, your silver bracelet will remain a staple for years to come. Our Silver Del Corso oval link chain bracelet may be worn by itself as a simple option or pair it with several other bracelets that fit your own personal style. Phillip Gavriel has several other silver bracelets to choose from as well. They include artisan hand-crafted intricate pieces or simple, elegant chains with colorful natural gemstones. 

4. Hypoallergenic

Some people may have sensitivity to metals, which may cause irritation to the skin and make it difficult to wear jewelry. On the upside, silver ( as well as gold) is hypoallergenic, making it the better choice for your skin to prevent allergies. For that reason, we only use precious metals like sterling silver for our designs. 

5. Easy Maintenance

Silver is easy to keep clean and maintain. Silver, if left untreated, will naturally get darker over time. To prevent that from happening, many of our pieces are treated with a special finish called Rhodium, a very expensive metal that, when applied to your silver, prevents it from tarnishing and makes it bright and shiny for longer. Look on our website for those indicated as Silver with Rhodium.

Some pieces that are meant to naturally look more vintage should be worn daily, as the contact with your skin will keep them from darkening more. If your piece does get too dark, simple dish soap and water will help remove the dirt or grime. You can also take it to your local trusted jeweler, who can clean it for you. When not in use, try to store your silver jewelry in bags or jewelry boxes to help keep it clean. 

6. Affordability

Silver is the best value for precious metal, being less expensive than gold and platinum, so your silver bracelet purchase won't break the bank.  In many cases you can get the same designs as you would in more expensive metal choices. If you prefer a touch of yellow gold in your jewelry,  look at bracelets that combine silver and gold together. We have many options that combine real 18k gold with sterling silver, creating pieces that will stay within your budget.

7. Personalized Gifts

Silver bracelets are a great option for a more personalized approach to gifting. Sometimes an initial or a date can be engraved depending on the piece.  You could also choose a piece that has a birthstone or other gemstone that have significance for both of you. 

Find Quality Silver Bracelets for Women

When looking to add jewelry to your wardrobe or as a special gift, look at silver bracelets for women. They're a timeless option that will stay beautiful for years with the right care. They can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, whatever the metal, to create a unique look. Phillip Gavriel can help you find quality pieces for you or for someone special. 

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