Choosing the Right Gold Jewelry for Your Personal Style

Choosing the Right Gold Jewelry for Your Personal Style

Personal style is the way someone expresses themselves through their clothing, hair, and accessories. Today there are a variety of looks ranging from vintage to maximalist with so many variations in between. Gold jewelry can be integrated easily into any style. Phillip Gavriel has long had a tradition of working with gold, a coveted precious metal. Our expertise in jewelry is a family tradition that began in 1978. We offer bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more to suit various individuals’ unique styles. When deciding what gold jewelry to wear, keep the following things in mind:

Clothing Style

To identify your style, introspect your daily clothing and jewelry choices. Do you prefer comfort above all else or is following the latest trends more in line with your look? One tip for finding your style is to look at your repeat outfits. Evaluate the colors and designs you wear the most. Determine if your outfits will go with a simple chain and stackable rings or mix better with bold bracelets and large hoop earrings. Insight into the fashion styles you like most will help you start coordinating your gold jewelry options to create a cohesive look you love. Also look at the color of your clothing, and the trends you want to follow. 

Color Matching

Phillip Gavriel offers 14 and 18-karat gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold products. Matching these colors to your clothing will help you determine a suitable option to complement your style. Determine if the clothing you wear is full of vibrant, expressive colors or if you enjoy pairing your jewelry with darker, muted tones. Once you establish your regular color palette, you can start your search to find the gold type that matches your style. Gold jewelry will work with varying shades and you can pick a shade that matches your aesthetic. Rose gold jewelry has a pink hue, white gold offers a cooler metal tone, and yellow gold like the way we make it is warm and subtle and goes with just about everything. 

You can pair white gold with cool-hued gemstones like blue sapphires, purple amethysts, or garnets. Pair yellow gold jewelry with earthy-tone gemstones like greens, citrines, or topaz. For individuals who lean toward neutrals, wearing rose gold with any color of diamond is a good option. Explore our wide selection of higher quality gold metals at Phillip Gavriel to determine which color combinations of gold speaks to you most. If you don’t want to choose just one, get a variety of gold metals as all colors of gold look paired together will look great. 

Fashion Trends

Today's fashion trends can come from the traditional runway, social media influencers, or other places. Experiment with different trends and styles to determine which jewelry pairs well them. Classic, timeless jewelry like the pieces we offer at Phillip Gavriel will always work well with anyone's outfit. Make an effort to identify some things you like about the jewelry you see on others and look for ways to incorporate them into your style. 

Everyday Activities

When choosing the right gold jewelry for your personal style, think about where you are going to be wearing the rings, bracelets, or necklaces. If you are looking for a simple, everyday item, select classic gold studs or a simple ring. If you feel you want to be bolder and wear a pair of bolder statement earrings or a chunky bracelet. Select jewelry that will complement your formal attire, such as pieces with diamonds that will add some sparkle to your outfit. Taking into account your daily activities and lifestyle will allow you to find appropriate gold jewelry pieces perfect for you.

Buy Gold Jewelry From a Reputable Jeweler

Your personal style may evolve over the years, but gold jewelry will always be a staple and you can always find pieces that will adapt to your current mood. One thing to remember when making a jewelry purchase is to work with a reputable jeweler who has access to all kinds of pieces at various price points. Look for retailers on the Phillip Gavriel store locator that have and try pieces on in-store. When you buy from Phillip Gavriel, you can trust that you are receiving a piece of the highest-quality gold jewelry that will last for years to come.

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