Silver & 18K Gold Popcorn Criss Cross Cuff

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This cuff bangle is a bold, contemporary take on the classic X design. Crafted in sterling silver, it features our beaded texture with criss-crossing 18K gold elements. It's designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes comfortably. The textured chain part of the bracelet is about 18 mm wide. This piece is made in Italy by our expert artisans and finished with rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing.

  • Made in Italy
  • Metal: Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold
  • Width: 18 mm

Step into the vibrant world of our Popcorn Collection, where playful textures evoke charm and sophistication always with a touch of fun. Elevate your style with these captivating designs and be inspired. Each Phillip Gavriel is thoughtfully designed to let the wearer tell a unique story. Begin your own today with this piece.

Our Sterling Silver and 18K gold pieces are made using solid sterling silver and real 18K gold. Our 18K is not a plating and will not wear off with time. The cool tones of silver contrast well with the warm hues of our gold, resulting in a harmonious yet versatile look. Our silver in this piece is finished with rhodium plating for added durability and shine and to protect it from tarnishing.